Traditional vs Non-Traditional Ceremony

Ever wonder what the difference is between a traditional vs a non-traditional wedding ceremony?

Here are a few things that could help you decide which one is more appropriate for you and your partner:


Takes place at a church or a place of worship

An officiant conducts a religious ceremony

Last anywhere from 1-3 hours

The bride wears a white dress

Music: Organ or harp

Vows are standard but can be customized by the couple

Heterosexual wedding

The bride and grooms family sit on opposite sides of the aisle

Brides parents pay for the ceremony

Wedding in a church


Takes place anywhere you like

Non-religious officiant or marriage commissioner

Last anywhere from 15 min – 3 hours but typically no longer than 30 min

Wedding dress can be any color

Music: anything from a live band to an iPod

The couple can create their own personal vows

Heterosexual and homosexual

No rules on who has to pay

Anything goes!!

wedding at the beach

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