The problem with long veils…

  1. Make sure it’s not windy
  2. Fasten it securely
  3. Don’t clutter the aisle with décor because it may come down with you

Use dripless candles

They may cost a little more at the beginning but will save you money in the long run. Cleaner charges can cost $25 per table cloth! Plus melted pools of wax may not go with the rest of your décor.
Outdoor wedding décor challenges:

  1. Candles: Will the candle stay lit?
  2. Balloons: Will they hit your guests or the bridal party during the ceremony?
  3. Mosquitos: Be prepared!

Make sure to allocate enough time for décor set-up

If you have opted out of hiring a décor company, and instead are having friends and family help with décor or have hired a day-of coordinator, make sure you give ample time for set-up. EX: If you have one person setting up a 60 person wedding allocate 4-5 hours for dinner table set-up, favor, gift and registry tables.

Alphabetize your seating chart!

To avoid creating a crowd of guests around the entry table, consider alphabetizing the seating chart. This way people can find their name quickly and move on from the area. You can do this in a couple of ways. First option is to simply create a master list with all the guests names listed in alphabetical order with their table number listed beside. This way is ideal for a wedding party of 100 people or more.

If you want to keep a traditional table grouping presentation, consider at least alphabetizing the names listed in each group. This is ideal for weddings for 100 people or less. If you do go with the latter, make sure that your floor plan includes the number of seats at each table.

Check out some of these ideas from Bridal Guide:

Having both a photographer and a videographer?

Make sure you have allocated enough time! Both the photographer and the videographer will require time individually with the couple (and the parties). Before the big day be sure to consult with each of them and find out how much time they need. Don’t assume they will be working simultaneously.

Capturing the experience vs. enjoying it

All couples want to capture their special day on film, but don’t let that be at the expense of your guests’ experience. They have come there to celebrate in your special union and when you have photographers and videographers, plus wedding guests, fighting for space and the perfect shot, it can block your guests’ view of the ceremony.

Create a photo list

By creating a list it ensures that you get all the photos you want and makes everything run smoothly. Also, group people together so that your bridesmaid, who is also your sister, isn’t running back and forth for bridal party photos, immediate family photos and sibling photos.

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