Ever wonder what the difference is between a traditional vs a non-traditional wedding ceremony?
Here are a few things that could help you decide which one is more appropriate for you and your partner:

Traditional Wedding


  • Takes place at a church or a place of worship
  • An officiant conducts a religious ceremony
  • Last anywhere from 1-3 hours
  • The bride wears a white dress
  • Music: Organ or harp
  • Vows are standard but can be customized by the couple
  • Heterosexual wedding
  • The bride and grooms family sit on opposite sides of the aisle
  • Brides parents pay for the ceremony

Non-traditional Wedding


  • Takes place anywhere you like
  • Non-religious officiant or marriage commissioner
  • Last anywhere from 15 min – 3 hours but typically no longer than 30 min
  • Wedding dress can be any color
  • Music: anything from a live band to an iPod
  • The couple can create their own personal vows
  • Heterosexual and homosexual
  • No rules on who has to pay
  • Anything goes!!

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