Are you one of those couples who dares to be different? Do you like to march to the beat of your own drum? Here are a few ideas to make your ceremony that much more unique…

Spiral Seating

Spiral Ceremony

In this set up the bride does not come down a traditional straight aisle, she walks in a spiral lined with one row of guests. This set up is great for a small wedding. If you have a few more guests you can always add an extra row to the spiral. This gives each guest an opportunity to see your stunning dress. After all, you did spend a small fortune on it!

Reception style seating

Instead of having your ceremony and reception in two different areas or ushering guests out of the ceremony room so it can be flipped to reception, opt for reception style ceremony. In this option guests are already seated at their tables during the ceremony and the aisle is placed down the middle of the room, just like you would have in a grand entrance.

Circle Ceremony

Circle Ceremony

In this seating arrangement all of the guests circle the bride and groom. This set up is great when the size of the venue is limited because it by makes use of all space, especially the area behind the officiant which is usually left empty.

Make it comfy!

Trade in the traditional chair seating and opt for something more comfortable. My favourite is using vintage furniture for guests to sit on. You can also use pillows, blankets, benches or even hay, depending on your theme.

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