Mia and Connor’s wedding was in the middle of September. Although we knew that September was an unpredictable month, the couple were ok with it raining because there was a great plan B option at the gondola. Now that the gondola was no longer an option, on went the search for the perfect venue. This couple wanted a venue with a view that would wow their out of town guests. That is just what they got when they booked a private residence in Britannia Beach. To be honest, I’m not quite sure which view was better, the gondola or the one on this property.

As we were nearing the wedding date, it became apparent that it was going to rain. Nothing could have prepared us for how much rain would actually fall. I think it broke a record or at least should have. There was more rain on that one day in September than in the whole month of September on average. But we’re used to that, right? What’s the west coast without rain? That’s ok, we still got this.

The ceremony was scheduled to start at 4:15pm and the last guests were supposed to arrive by 4:00pm. I knew we were running a bit behind but at 4:30pm I was informed that the mother of the groom and 4 other guests got on the wrong bus in Squamish and were now headed to Whistler. If you are unfamiliar with the area, Whistler is about 60km north of Squamish and Britannia Beach is 12km south of Squamish. They were headed in the complete opposite direction.

I was gutted. Two things that were beyond my control were happening on their special day. This news would normally send a bride and groom into a state of panic, but not Mia and Connor. They took all the punches likes champs and enjoyed every moment of their special day. The day and night were filled with smiles, laughter and dancing in the rain. Sure there were a few hiccups but they didn’t need to worry about them. All they were required to do was enjoy their day with their amazing friends and family, no matter what it looked like.

 Here is a sneak peak into their wedding day under the stars….and rain.


Photography | Taylor Roades
Videograpphy | Paper Heart Films
Wedding Venue | Private residence in Britannia Beach
Officiant | Young, Hip & Married
Makeup | Jennifer Robinson
Hair | Faye Smith
Flowers | Kenmar Flower Farm
Dessert | Sprinkle of My Eye
DJ | Trax DJ Services
Transportation | Whistler Connections
Caterers | Luz Tacos & Carte Diem
Wedding Planner | Love & Confetti



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