Disco is not dead. We repeat, disco is well and alive! This time, it’s taking hold of weddings + events and we are living for this come-back! See how this hottest trend is making an appearance into the wedding world and we are so here for this coming-out party.

Happy New Year from the Love & Confetti Family! We are excited for all our couple’s who are finally in the year of their wedding. We had the experience of attending the annual Wedding MBA Convention in Las Vegas this past November and we’re coming back to you with some of the hottest wedding trends for 2023. We are highlighting some of our favourites to inspire you and indulge your guests in 5 senses – Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste + Smell. Check them out below!



The gloves are on! We are seeing a return to the Audrey Hepburn style icon with gloves, glasses + pearls. Having an outdoor summer wedding and looking for cute wedding favors? Why not gift your guests with some heart shaped glasses. They will be thanking you on those sunny days. These glasses are also a hot item for bachelorette parties and bridal showers!

Heart Shaped Glasses<br />

Photo:  Taylor Deas-Melesh


Decor has a wide range and can be very personal. We are big fans of using multiple textures and patterns to give dimension and to lead your guests’ eyes from the top of the room right now to the flooring. Is there an opportunity to utilise the ceiling of your reception space with dangling florals or other installations? 

At your ceremony, have you considered a unique arbour and adorning it with ferns, fabrics or hanging candles? Or, decorating the base with lanterns, stumps, pampas grass or rugs? Alternatively, we are fascinated with ‘grounded arches’ in which the florals/decor surround the couple on the floor. These arrangements are great for locations where you don’t want to obstruct the backdrop.

Grounded Arch

Photo: Jenzel Velo Photography  |  Florals: Within the Flowers

Grounded Arch

Photo: Nadia Hung Photography  |  Florals: Within the Flowers

We have also seen some beautiful lighting ideas including light patterns on blank canvas and walls. Imagine your guests’ reaction when they walk into your enchanted forest themed wedding and are surrounded by patterns of trees displayed on otherwise blank walls. Check out Bellevue Lighting for some inspiration.


Is your venue an iconic hotel but you are still leaning towards wanting the whimsy of a forest location? Why not include a nature soundscape for your guests to arrive at your ceremony? Imagine a violinist playing your covers over the sounds of rustling leaves and a babbling brook. Pair this with the pattern light display on your walls and voila, you’ve created a forest ambiance in 2 seconds which would otherwise take hours and lots of $ to recreate using decor.


We highly encourage playing around with different materials for elements in your day. Subtle additions such as velvet menu cards or textured linens would certainly elevate your tablescape. Also, did you see Kourtney Kardashian’s statement veil that “was hand-embroidered with floral detailing, a large image of the Virgin Mary, and the words ‘family loyalty respect’” as per Entertainment Tonight. Now, this is VERY Hollywood but we have seen a lot of trends for veils specifically including lace, pearls and other materials.

For florals, have you considered the option to rent silk or wooden florals? This is a great option for the environmentally conscious couple. We love Something Borrowed Blooms who rent silk flowers that look real and guarantee flowers you love without the high price tag.


Food is something guests will remember and there are plenty of ways to extend this memory out from the dinner. How about tuna tartare on an edible wonton spoon? Or, have your guests place cards made out of your favourite cookie? Individual handoffs are also rising in popularity starting of course with handing your guests a glass of champagne on entry to the cocktail hour. 

Champagne Placecard

Photo: Rebecca Lee Creative

However, there are also some really interesting other individual treat ideas including adorning your cocktail with a personalised logo from Cocktail Graffiti or having your guests play a Cocktail Claw to choose their booze of choice!


Have you suddenly smelt something that has immediately triggered a detailed memory or intense emotion? You can utilise this close connection of sense of smell and memory for your special day. Consider something like Scentex, a business that curates and orchestrates custom fragrances for events. In addition to learning your story, they also consider the decor, venue and even colour palette to inspire the scentscape. This could truly enhance the experience by having your own unique smell in all or different parts of your venue and you could even create multiple for different parts of your day.

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